The establishment of national Hubs according to AISBL

Our aim is for GAIA-X to be a trustworthy option for a data infrastructure ecosystem across Europe and beyond. Thereby the user side is the key for scaling up the services of GAIA-X, based on GAIA-X principles and standards, and developing data spaces. We strive to build on existing initiatives that are already driving forward the development of new business models and data spaces in the EU and its Member States. These initiatives could form nuclei for a GAIA-X Hub.

The GAIA-X Hubs act as the voices of user ecosystems on a national level. Their main objectives are to develop ecosystems, to bundle national initiatives, and to provide a central point of contact to interested parties on their respective countries. All GAIA-X Hubs are in close exchange with each other in order to ensure international alignment regarding their activities, the definition of requirements, and the identification of regulatory hurdles. A future network of GAIA-X Hubs will support the growth of a dynamic ecosystem bottom-up, from the national level toward the European level.

GAIA-X Hubs provide important functions that complement the GAIA-X AISBL. on a national level:

  • They serve as a first point of contact for interested parties in a country.
  • They align GAIA-X with all relevant initiatives that share the same goals and visions of GAIA-X as an open sovereign data infrastructure.
  • They consolidate regional domain-specific expert communities and prepare input for discussion on a European level.
  • Requirements articulated in GAIA-X Hubs are validated in European Domain Working Groups in close alignment with User Group representatives and with European Data Space initiatives in mind.
  • GAIA-X Hubs contribute to the goals of the European Strategy on Data, especially towards developing European Data Spaces.

Members of the nationally organised GAIA-X Hubs can contribute to and work on several data spaces to shape an innovation-friendly data-ecosystem on GAIA-X. The membership of all national GAIA-X Hubs is free of charge for all companies and organisations. The Hubs aren’t a body of the GAIA-X AISBL., but they are in close touch to define user requirements.